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Attractions in Santa Clara

Interesting Sites

Parque Vidal Pin_tourism_without_shadow.png|22.4063367,-79
Rafael Tristá Santa Clara, Villa Clara
It’s the heart of the city


Boulevard Santa Clara, Villa Clara
It’s a 5-block-long pedestrian-only mall where you’ll find a series of shops and restaurants aimed at travelers.


Pin_tourism_without_shadow.png|22.409826,-79The Armored Train Park 
Santa Clara, Villa Clara
It’s another popular revolutionary landmark. It’s a small park built around the spot where Che Guevara and his soldiers derailed an armored train during the critical battles for control of Santa Clara in 1958. In addition to the five cars and some sculptures, there’s a tiny museum in this pleasant open-air park.


Fábrica de Tabacos Constantino PérezPin_tourism_without_shadow.png|22.4108364,-79
Maceo Santa Clara, Villa Clara
Excellent Cigar Factory which produces high-quality Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo y Julieta, Punch, and Robaina cigars




Teatro La CaridaPin_art_without_shadow.png|22.407398,-79
Santa Clara, Villa Clara
it’s an active and ornate 19th-century theater modeled after the Paris Opera, often featuring concerts and shows.



Museum of Fine Arts Pin_art_without_shadow.png|22.40768,-79
Colón Santa Clara, Villa Clara
It is in an 18th-century house whose last owner was named Clara Cartas. The house is stuffed full of Baccarat crystal and chandeliers, including a “spaghetti” chandelier. Its other unusual items include a rocking chair with a carved protruding face at its tip to stop the nanny from falling asleep and a wall plate imprinted with the image of the Crystal Palace in London